Moslima's in kranten onderzoek Cigdem Yuksel

Research Muslim women in newspapers

Photographer Cigdem Yuksel, together with researcher Ewoud Butter, decided to research the representation of Muslim women in the ANP image bank in 2020 and published her research findings in the report ‘Moslima’. The research caused a variety of reactions. Some fellow photographers and editors were sympathetic to this conversation; others showed resistance. Yuksel also noticed that (photo) editors did not feel need to change their way of working because the research focused specifically on the ANP and photographers.

Therefore, Yuksel decided to conduct a follow-up study with Ewoud Butter. In this research they look specifically at the use of photos of veiled women in three national newspapers: the Telegraaf, de Volkskrant and NRC. With this research they are trying to answer the question what images of veiled Muslim women the Dutch newspaper reader has seen for 20 years.

Download the research here (in Dutch).

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